Technician Cleaning With Gloves and Mask

A Message from Primavera Cleaning Service on COVID-19

Creating a healthy and clean space in the homes of our customers is our top priority.

With the evolving situation surrounding Coronavirus, we want to reinforce that Primavera Cleaning Service is here for you, your family and our community.

Through our safety protocols and years of experience we are prepared to keep your home clean and healthy. We have enhanced our standard protocol to wear gloves before entering your home, that remain on until we finish cleaning. We also are disinfecting our products and equipment before entering your home.

Our team members have received specific training on limiting the spread of illness and are providing increased attention to the high touch point areas in your home, which is currently a part of our ongoing cleaning process. Our team members have also been told, with our full support, to stay home if they feel under the weather.

Additionally, we are working with leading providers of cleaning products to provide a Peace Of Mind High Touch Sanitizing Service for our customers. The High Touch Sanitizing Service will utilize products that are EPA-approved for treating emerging pathogens.

Reach out to Primavera Cleaning Service and we’ll help ensure your home stays clean to help you stay healthy. If you’re already a Primavera Cleaning Service customer and you’re feeling under the weather, let us know and we will reschedule as soon as possible.

Here at Primavera Cleaning Service, we’re experts in creating clean and healthy homes.

We’re here for you and would love the opportunity to help keep your home clean, healthy and happy.

Primavera Cleaning - Vera Jones