May is National Moving Month! This month kicks off the busy season of moving, which takes place from May to August. Although it can be very exciting to start a new chapter in your life, moving can be a real daunting task. There are a lot of moving parts involved and many things can go wrong. However, with some good planning, your move can go smoothly. Here are a few tips and tricks on making your move easier.


Moving Tips and Tricks to Make This Your Easiest Move Yet:


  1. Start a moving folder. There can be a lot of paperwork involved with moving. Buy a 50¢ folder and keep all of your invoices, confirmations, etc inside the folder. Since a lot of things are digital now, we recommend making a folder in your email inbox as well.
  2. Purge! Why move stuff you don’t need? Get rid of all the clutter you don’t use or don’t need to take with you. This way you’ll have less to pack and less to move. You’ll also being starting off in your new place with a clean slate. For some tips on how to purge, see our post on How to Declutter Your Home the Easy Way.
  3. Pack as far in advance as possible. Don’t procrastinate on packing. The last thing you want is to be up late moving in the dark because you waited to pack on the second to last day of the month. Packing isn’t fun for most people, but if you take the time each day to a few boxes you’ll be thanking yourself in the end!
  4. Book EARLY! If you’re using a moving company, a storage pod, or hiring a cleaning service, you need to book as soon as possible. If you’re moving during peak season, these companies book up quickly!
  5. Hire a cleaning company. Moving is a lot of work. Hiring someone to take care of your move out cleaning takes a HUGE task off of your to-do list. You can also hire a cleaning company to do the deep cleaning of your new home, which offers quite a bit of peace of mind. We offer move out and move in cleaning services. Request a free estimate!
  6. Make wise packing decisions.
    • Invest in a packing tape dispenser and make sure you have a lot of packing tape on hand.
    • Use strong boxes. Sometimes you can get free boxes by asking a retailer for their shipment boxes. Otherwise, you can buy them at a U-Haul or a home improvement stores like Home Depot or Menards.
    • Don’t pack too many heavy items in one box. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like dinnerware or books.
    • Avoid packing items from multiple rooms in the same box.
    • LABEL your boxes! Write down the room the box belongs to and a brief description of its contents. If you can color code the boxes that would be even better.
  7. Use special equipment if available. If you’ve rented a moving truck be sure to get a ramp so you can easily get items into the back of the truck. It can also be very beneficial to rent/borrow a two-wheeled cart so you can move multiple boxes at one time. Also, if you have any appliances to move you’ll want to rent a furniture dolly. These items will make things so much easier and reduce the risk of getting injured!
  8. Setup your utilities. In all of the craziness of moving it can be easy to overlook this. Once your moving dates are finalized be sure to setup any power, water, internet service, etc. Also remember to reach out to your current utility companies and request the stopping of service. Keep track of any documents associated with this and store them in your moving folder. Don’t forget to forward your mail!

With some proper planning moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. Hopefully these moving tips will make things a lot easier for you on your next move!