You‘ve been doing it your whole life. You can picture it years ago, parents breathing down your neck. They’ve asked you time and time again to clean your bedroom.

Although you have years of experience, you want to take bedroom cleaning to the next level. So how do you clean a bedroom effectively?

A bedroom is a place of peace at the end of a long workday. It’s where you spend one-third of your life sleeping. Shouldn’t it be clean?

We are all guilty of letting our bedrooms become a place of clutter and storage. Cleaning your room is an important part of managing/developing an organized and stress-free life.

Learning how to clean a bedroom with a manageable process is important for any lifestyle change. Let’s dive into learning how to deep clean your room the right way.

1. Preparing and How to Clean a Bedroom

Before diving into cleaning a bedroom immediately, you need to gather your materials and cleaning supplies.

Laundry baskets, hampers, a box or bag, trash cans, a cloth or two, and a vacuum cleaner/broom are all important to a clean room. Whether you need it or not, gathering these materials makes cleaning go faster and keeps you on track.

Don’t make cleaning a bedroom an all-day ordeal. Simplify the process.

2. Get Laundry Started

Odds are if your bedroom is in shambles there’s plenty of laundry. In most cases, getting laundry out of the way and sorted can simplify the cleaning process.

If you’re prone to leaving your laundry on the floor, removing it from the room creates walking space and helps improve overall focus. There is a sense of flow without a cluttered room when cleaning.

Clothes can be stacked high and wide throughout a messy room.

Chairs are used as catchalls for dirty and clean clothes. Consider checking your clothes before washing them. Make sure you’re not wasting time washing items that are already clean.

3. Organize in Sections

Without a clear plan of cleaning, the process can take up a chunk of time.

Make sure you’re cleaning one area of the room at a time. The more you spread yourself across the process, the less likely you’ll be in completing cleaning a bedroom.

Efficiency is the most important part of how to clean a bedroom. The more efficient you are the easier it’s going to be to handle a deep clean.

4. Take Out the Trash

Are you a water bottle hoarder? I know I am.

Collecting all the trash is an important part of a clean bedroom. This could be anything from obvious trash to considering throwing out items like magazines, trashed clothes, or other items that have hung around.

If you’re looking for a quick process, save these items for later. Focus on foods, packages, wrappers, or any crumbled mess.

The longer trash sits out, the more you have to worry about things other than clutter. Smells, bugs, and other critters could be drawn to your bedroom of all places. Clean up after yourself and avoid the hassle altogether.

5. Sweep and Dust

Dust collects quicker than we think. Run your finger along shelves in your bedroom. If you notice dust, it’s time to act.

Dust can kick up allergic reactions. Avoid this by using one damp and one dry cloth to wipe everything down.

The dry cloth is important to wipe away moisture and access dust trails that are left behind during the cleaning process.

Sweeping is a necessity when it comes to mastering how to clean a bedroom. If you’re into the aesthetics of the room, vacuum lines are one of the most pleasing parts of cleaning for me.

Obviously, if you have hardwood in the bedroom this won’t matter. Still take the time to sweep and even Swiffer the floors if you have extra time.

6. Make the Bed

Making the bed is an important start to any morning. It creates a routine that “jump starts” your day.

A perfectly made bed makes the room more inviting. It looks cleaner, inviting, and is a task that only takes a few seconds.

There have long been different sides to the story of how important it is to make your bed. Personally, I enjoy getting into a bed that is made with smoothed out sheets instead of pulling a blanket that’s been crumpled up all day over me.

7. Survey the Room

It’s the last step to a clean bedroom, but maybe the most important.

Make sure you’re surveying the room for any additional messes. Cleaning the room has a lot of pieces and parts that need to flow together smoothly.

A once over at the end of a cleaning session will guarantee a cleaned space. This also gives you a great opportunity to look over your work.

Perfecting a Clean Room

When it comes a time, learning how to clean a bedroom efficiently can lead to a simple process overall.

A clean bedroom can provide health benefits including less stress, a sense of peace, and a clean environment. We spent a large number of our lives in our bedrooms. Make sure you’re mastering the process to keep it pristine.

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